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Stock Analysis and Visualization Scripts

At ByteMeXpert, we have developed powerful stock analysis and visualization scripts providing valuable insights into stock performance. Our first script loads and analyzes processed stock data for multiple symbols, generating heatmaps, 3D plots, and interactive plots for visualizing daily returns and volatility. The second script calculates the mean and standard deviation of daily returns for a set of stocks. Both scripts demonstrate our expertise in data analysis, visualization, and leveraging multiple programming languages.To use the analysis and visualization script, ensure the processed data CSV files for each symbol are in the same directory. Modify the 'symbols' variable, and run the script to generate visualizations. The second script requires MATLAB and processed data CSV files generated by a Python script. Execute the script to calculate and display the mean and standard deviation of daily returns for each stock.These scripts showcase our ability to analyze and visualize stock data effectively, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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